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January 2014  

01/05/14 SundayWorship Service 10:30am 
  Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
01/08/14WednesdayAdult Bible Study 6:30pm   // No Bible Study until 01/15 \\
01/09/14ThursdayAdministrative Board Meeting 7:00pm
01/10/14FridayCoffee House  7:00pm     // Cancelled \\
01/12/14SundayWorship Service 10:30am    
   Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
01/15/14WednesdayAdult Bible Study 6:30pm 
01/19/14SundayWorship Service 10:30am
  Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
01/22/14WednesdayAdult Bible Study 6:30pm 
01/26/14SundayWorship Service 10:30am (Fellowship Lunch to follow)
  Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
01/29/14WednesdayAdult Bible Study 6:30pm 

February 2014  

02/02/14 SundayWorship Service 10:30am (with Communion)
  Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
02/05/14WednesdayAdult Bible Study 6:30pm 
02/09/14SundayWorship Service 10:30am  
   Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
02/12/14WednesdayAdult Bible Study 6:30pm
02/13/14Thursday  Administrative Board Meeting 7:00pm
02/14/14FridayCoffee House  7:00pm   (Guest to be announced)
02/16/14SundayWorship Service 10:30am
  Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
02/19/14WednesdayAdult Bible Study 6:30pm  
02/23/14SundayWorship Service 10:30am 
  Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
02/26/14WednesdayAdult Bible Study 6:30pm